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Does Chiropractic Help Tmj?

What Is Chiropractic And How Does It Work?

They aren’t enjoyinglife are chiropractic neck adjustments safe as they once did. They are losing their quality oflife…and for some their independence.If that describes you, then perhaps I can help.IF you’ve got 35 minutes…I Guarantee to Open Your Eyesabout Neuropathy ReliefAfter more than a decade of evaluating and workingwith hundreds of patients that suffer with neuropathy,I’ve developed a drugless, non-invasive therapyprogram called the NerveFit® for anyone sufferingfrom the symptoms of neuropathy and related balanceproblems.Others describe not being able to take part in normaleveryday activities like: walking their dog, walking forexercise, attending church, gardening, bowling, golfor how about just walking safely, all because of theirbalance problem from peripheral neuropathy.Get Your Life BackAnd the beautiful thing is that when these healthsituations improved, people are much happier withtheir quality of life. . In many cases, they finally canlive pain free, with peace and joy in their lives again.I have unique set of knowledge and tools that havebeen tested, researched, and found to be effective.“At the end of the 30 day trial, all 49 subjects hadpartial restoration of feeling in their feet” – Journal ofthe American Podiatric Medical Association“98%of patientsreportedhavingasignificantreductionin pain” – Journal of Diabetes and its Complications“This affected my life so badly that I couldn’t sleepat night, sit or stand and it hurt when I drove. Ithought what was I going to do? This has takenaway, just taken away all the quality of my life.With Dr. Lewis I am now 90% better than when Ifirst started. Now I can drive without pain and I’msleeping well! Thanks Dr. Lewis!” (Eva)Innovative Care – Powerful ResultsThe NerveFit® was developed with countlessneuropathy cases and 10 years of trial and error. Andthis therapy plan has helped a whole slew of people gettheir life back.Do You Qualify For This New Program?When you call and make an appointment, I willperform a highly specialized neuropathy evaluation ofthe peripheral nervous system to see if we may be ableto help.But, please call right away because we can take only thefirst 27 callers. If you are one of these 27 callers, I’lldo this Evaluation and Qualifying Process completelyFREE (normally $140). So, please call my office at314-925-0150.I don’t want you to miss out on this goldenopportunity! Due to the nature of this offer, it willend on June 12, 2017.Add some peace to your life or the life of someone youlove.

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